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it is the culminating point of your need. Telesia's home designed and manufactured products are distinctive. The research and development team of Telesia endeavor to create window systems with unique look and long life strength.

Our TS W profile is designed keeping eventual relief in mind, with optimal insulation performance. Our designers are aware of the dynamic edifice tendency of future and accordingly ensure that the profile designs are created to suit all the needs to make home safe.

The sight line of the profile is 40mm(T Million 54mm) and its section thickness is 1.3mm plus, it can be considered for variety of glasses with thickness ranging from 5mm, 6mm 11.52mm laminated to 18mm DGU.

The joints of TS W profile measure 45 degrees and what makes it even more unique is its ability to bear a wind load as per dimension

The profile designed by Telesia, this splendid TS W profile comes with a maximum shutter height of 1.8 meters and it offers maximum shutter size of 1.5 sq. meters. It also has multiple locking points and looks grand due to its powder coating.

TS W Specification

Sight Line 40mm (T Million 54mm)
Profile Thickness 1.3 mm Plus
Glass Thickness 5mm, 6mm,11.52mm Laminated, 18mm DGU
Hardwares Designed by Telesia
Maximum Shutter Height 1.8 Meters
Maximum shutter Size 1.4 Sq.Meter
Locking Points Single 
Colour Coating Powder Coating
Joints 45 Degree
Wind Load As Per Dimension