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TS 25 S

No need to compromise. With Telesia you can have it all. Our Research and Development team works day and night to create profiles that are not only unique but also systems that combine the best of all worlds.

Our TS 25-S profile is designed keeping ultimate comfort in mind, with optimal insulation performance. Our designers are aware of the dynamic building trends of today and tomorrow, and hence ensure that the profile designs are created to suit all the needs – low energy building, maximum daylight access, superb performance, and safe homes (burglar resistance).

TS 25-S profile can be used for sliding doors and windows. The sight line of the profile is 25mm, section thickness is 2mm plus, it can accommodate a range of glass thicknesses (12mm, 11.52mm laminated, 28mm DGU).

The profile can be used for a maximum shutter height of 4.5 meters, and a maximum shutter size of 5.5 sq. meters. It can have multiple locking points. The joints of the profile measure 90 degrees and it can take a wind load of As Per Dimension The structure is made with quality aluminum alloy and comes with a powdered color coating.

TS 25 S Specifications:-

Sight Line 25mm
Profile Thickness 2mm Plus
Hardwares Designed by Telesia
Maximum Shutter Height 4.5 Meters
Maximum shutter Size 5.5 Sq.Meter
Locking Points Multi
Joints 90 Degree
Wind Load As Per Dimension