Aluminium Windows

Telesia is Gujarat’s one of the largest and leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality aluminium windows. We offer a fine range of windows that are designed to deliver a minimalist and style statement to your space. With slim frames and widths we ensure that our customers get the best design according to their requirement. The aluminum windows are designed to bring out an enhanced aesthetic appeal for your space.

TS 22 Long Lasting

Telesia’s aluminum profiles are designed and developed by latest technology, which makes them durable and longer lasting than other regular windows frame. the profile is designed and manufactured with superior quality aluminum. It also has good surface decoration after powder coated surface treatment. The TS 22Profile , the first modal in the series is specially created to meet your design requirements. Our research and development team ensure to utilizestate-of-the-heart technology to make the product capable to bear the hardest weather condition.

Ts 23 Practical Solution

Telesia’s range of profiles for windows is a solution for both your traditional and contemporary style needs. Our internal team of researchers and designers ensure to create profiles that offer practical solutions for every residential and commercial system. TS 23 profile designed and developed by Telesia offers choice of finishes to ensure it matches the aesthetics of any form of architecture. The profile is designed with optimal insulation performance. We vaklue the signifiance of energy conservation and hence it is the fundamental prerequisite in Telesia’s new generation of energy efficient designs.

TS 25 Majestic

Telesia’s home design and manufactured products are unique. A Reason why they look majestic. The research and development of Telesia strives to create end-to-end system for heighted windows offering perfect solution for all kinds of buildings. Our TS 25 profile is designed keeping the new era in mind. The majestic profile is forward looking in design and a pioneer in quality and security. Because the design is conceived and development in-house by Telesia R&D team, it showcase ground-breaking individually in it’s looks.

TS 25 S No Compromise…..

No need to compromise with Telesia you can have it all. Our Research and development team works day and night to create profiles that are not only unique but also system that combines that combines the best of all worlds. Our TS 25-S profile is designed keeping ultimate comfort in mind. With optimal insulation performance .Our designers are aware of the dynamic building trends of today and tomorrow and hence ensure that the profile design are created to suit all the needs- low energy building. Maximum daylight access, superb performance, and safe homes (burglar resistance).