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TS 22

Telesia's aluminum profiles are designed and developed by latest technology, which makes them durable and longer lasting than other regular vinyl window frames. The profile is designed and manufactured with superior quality aluminum. It also has good surface decoration after powder coated surface treatment.

The TS 22 profile, being the first model in the series is specially created to meet your design requirements. Our research and development team ensures to utilize state-of-the-art technology to make the product capable to bear the harshest weather conditions.

TS 22 profiles can be used for both doors and windows. Its sight line is 22mm and section thickness is 1.4mm plus. The profile can accommodate glass thickness ranging from 5mm, 6mm, 11.52mm laminated to 18mm DGU.

The hardware of the profile is designed in-house by Telesia. TS 22 has a maximum shutter height of 1.8 meters and offers maximum shutter size of 2.1 sq meter. Along with durability the usability of the profile is also excellent. It can be used for both single and multiple locking points. The profile is powder coated and its joints are 45 degrees.

TS 22 can take a wind load of As Per Dimension

TS 22 Specification

Sight Line 22mm
Profile Thickness 1.4 mm Plus
Glass Thickness 5mm, 6mm,11.52mm Laminated, 18mm DGU
Hardwares Designed by Telesia
Maximum Shutter Height 1.8 Meters
Maximum shutter Size 2.1 Sq.Meter
Locking Points Single & Multi
Colour Coating Powder Coating
Joints 45 Degree
Wind Load As Per Dimension