Slim Series

Slim Series

Perfect for homeowners who live in a house placed at specific angles to let the breeze in. It is the ability of casement windows to bring in the utmost amount of breeze and light into your house due to its accurate angle setup. Usually jutting outwards and hinged at its side, the window provides security to you and your property.

Advantages of Slim Series

  • Casement windows are one of the most energy-efficient windows. The sash creates an airtight seal against the window frame when closed making it hard for air to get through.
  • Casement windows are an excellent way to ventilate due to opening from the side.

Benefits of Slim Series

  • No other type of replacement window offers as big an opening for ventilation as a casement window. Also, casement windows can catch side breezes because their open sash acts as a flap to funnel refreshing outdoor air into your living space.
  • Casement windows feature hook-shaped casement locks embedded within their frames, which gives homes an added layer of security.